Fully Managed Dedicated Servers

Core Managed Dedicated Servers

We remotely manage your dedicated servers which are hosted in one of the "Top Datacenter" in the US. Our entry level fully managed dedicated servers include OS administration, security administration, security updates, vulnerability assessments, email administration, web server administration and more. Our managed servers are targeted at small businesses with little or no technical expertise and requires a complete turnkey solution. We manage the dedicated server and you load the content (or we can help you load the content). It just can't get any easier than that. You won't find such support, datacenter, network, server management and price what we offer!

Key Features:

  • Industrial Grade Dedicated Server Hardware
  • High Bandwidth, fully switched network connectivity
  • Redundant high bandwidth internet connectivity
  • State of the Art Data Center
  • Industrial Grade Power System with UPS and Diesel Generator
  • Trained, experienced and certified System Engineers in staff
  • 24 x 7 x 365 Emergency Support
  • Root (Linux) and Administrator (Windows 2003) access to your server.

Atom Processor Dedicated Servers

Go green with Intel’s smallest, coolest and most power efficient chip. Our Atom servers are built on SuperMicro chassis to ensure server grade performance.

  • ATOM Processor Server

  • Intel ATOM 230 1.6 Ghz
  • Intel ATOM 330 1.6 Ghz

  • Memory / Drive

  • 2 GB / 160 GB SATA
  • 2 GB / 160 GB SATA
  • Bandwidth

  • 2000 GB
  • 2000 GB
  • Price

  • 4999/Mo
  • 5999/Mo






Quad Core Dedicated Servers

Data-intensive applications can run faster with four cores, supporting more users and larger workloads. Experience breakthrough performance and energy efficiency. All of our Quad Core Servers can be configured with Windows or Linux hosting options.

  • Quad Core Servers

  • Core2Quad q8200 2.33 Ghz
  • Core2Quad q9400 2.66 Ghz
  • Nehalem Quad-Core E5504 2.0 Ghz
  • Nehalem Quad-Core E5530 2.4 Ghz

  • Memory / Drive

  • 2 GB / 500 GB SATA
  • 4 GB / 500 GB SATA
  • 6 GB / 500 GB SATA
  • 2 GB / 500 GB SATA
  • Bandwidth

  • 2000 GB @10Mbps
  • 3000 GB @100Mbps
  • 4000 GB@100Mbps
  • 5000 GB @100Mbps